Small Mobile Home Bathroom Ideas for Remodeling

Add upscale fixtures as an option to replacing a tub or shower.
Add upscale fixtures as an option to replacing a tub or shower. (Image: Bathroom image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Size really does matter when you’re remodeling a mobile home. Instead of thinking big, you have to think small. Attention must be given to the size and scale of items so the results don’t look too busy or overwhelming. Colors should be balanced with an emphasis on lighter shades to make the room appear larger and lighter. Use space strategically so you won’t feel boxed in. Transform your small bathroom by using big ideas.

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Bath and Shower Fixtures

Upgrade the fixtures for your bathtub and shower so you can give your body spa-quality treatment everyday. Swap a single-flow shower head for one with multiple heads that massage, pulsate and give you choices in settings. Select a handheld style shower head so you have bathing options. Treat yourself to a shower chair to sit, relax and safely soothe your feet, arms, neck and legs. Faucet fixtures are another way to add glamour and give a small mobile home bathroom a look of luxury versus entirely replacing the tub and shower. Shop home improvement centers and closeout stores for discontinued models to save money.

Back Door Options

The back door is also an option for storage. Instead of just having a traditional hook in the center of the door for your bathrobe, install several hooks. Move the one for your robe to the right or left, and make room to install one or two circular hooks for bath towels.

Heated Floor

Give your small bathroom an upscale feature. Install heated floors so that nighttime trips or cold weather is never a worry. Many mobile homes have open space between the floor and the ground; the addition of heated floors will be a welcome treat. Because the space is small, the cost will be far less than what it would cost in the bathroom of a large home.

Sink Alternatives

Make the bathroom more contemporary by installing a raised sink basin instead of a traditional sink that is set into a cabinet. The advantage of raised sinks is that you also have more options for cabinetry, which can include repurposing furniture to serve as a cabinet, such as a small chest of drawers to give the bathroom a high-end look. Hire a plumber to cut the top of the drawer and the back panel to allow for plumbing and pipes. You can also decorate the top of the drawer with stone, ceramic or marble tile.

Mirror Options

No written rule exists that says a vanity mirror is restricted to selections at home improvement stores. Nor is there a rule that says the mirror has to have a medicine chest behind it, making the mirror protrude and taking up precious space. Look for mirror options at home decor and accent stores, craft and art supply stores. Many of these stores have ongoing sales and even closeout centers. While you’re shopping, look for small decorative boxes and holders to replace that typical medicine chest.


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