Hooks That Adhere to Walls Without Nailing

Wall hooks are made to hold up anything from a small picture frame to a shelf that shows off knickknacks or other collectibles. There are a variety of ways to attach hooks without nailing; the method you choose depends on what you're hanging. Some hooks have maximum weight requirements, so make sure that you use hooks that are strong enough to support the weight of your item.

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Adhesive Strips

An adhesive strip is a two-part system that allows you to hang pictures and other lighter weighted objects without making holes. An adhesive strip is pressed onto the wall and another adhesive strip is pressed onto the back of the object to be hung. The strips are lined up and hooked together by pressing them firmly against one another. An audible "snap" will be heard when they are connected together properly. They feature tabs on the bottom that are pulled to release the strips when you want to move or take the item down.

Hurricane Hooks

A hurricane hook is a thin highly tempered piece of wire with a hook on the end of it. They are made to be inserted through drywall, by hand, then turned 180 degrees so that the hook hangs correctly. They will hold up to approximately 50 pounds, are easy to press into place and are removable. Once removed, they leave a tiny hole that is almost unnoticeable.

Adhesive Hooks

These hooks have an adhesive backing that you press onto a clean wall and hold in place for a second or two until it's firmly stuck. They work best for lighter and smaller things, but several of them can be pushed in a row to hold up heavier items. For best results, the wall must be clean and smooth.

Picture Rail Hooks

Picture rail is a molding which is installed near the ceiling. The molding juts out from the wall so that a picture rail hook can be hung on it. Picture rail molding was very common in older turn-of-the-century homes to prevent damaging plaster walls. The molding can be attached to any contemporary home at the crease where the ceiling meets the top of the wall. Picture rail hooks are then hung from the railing, and any type of picture, shelving or other wall decoration is hung from the railing hooks.


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