How to Pick Color for Blinds

Window treatments are an important part of your decor.
Window treatments are an important part of your decor. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Blinds serve a practical purpose of allowing you to govern how much light comes into your rooms while providing privacy from the outside world. They are especially handy for rooms that are at street or ground level and in drect view by passing persons taking a walk or working nearby. There are plenty of things to consider as you pick the color for the blinds. Surrounding decor, light levels, accessories, seasonal color changes and the current color of the drapes (if you have them) will all influence your decision.

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Choose pure white blinds for maximum light entry into the room, while retaining privacy. White will reflect light inward from the room, and for translucent white drapes, they will allow more light through than other colors.

Use a lighter version of the current wall color if your walls are a deep color like maroon. This provides a color addition to your decor without risking poor color harmony.

Match up the color of the blinds with existing accessories like throws, pillows or other accent colors to increase the impact of the color and enliven the scheme. A strong color like emerald appearing several places in the room will imbue both balance and elegance.

Consider the possibility of using different blind colors for different seasons, if they are easily interchangeable. For winter, warm colors like pumpkin, cinnamon, cocoa or rust can be just the thing. Cooler colors like sea glass, cerulean or sage for summer can take the cool the color harmony.


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