How to Clean Up Your House & Declutter it Fast

Sometimes things just get out of hand. Magazines are piled on top of the coffee table, mail stacks up on the kitchen counter, and maybe the laundry just doesn't get put away as fast as it should. All of us have dealt with clutter in our daily lives. However, what is important is that once you declutter, take the next step and get organized - have a place for everything and vow not to let clutter back in your life.

Things You'll Need

  • Large garbage bags
  • Boxes
  • Paper and pen

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How To Clean Up Your House & Declutter It Fast

In preparation, label the boxes according to category, such as "Donate to Charity," "Garage Sale," "Filing" and "Store in Basement." As you declutter, you can place items in the appropriate box.

Go from room to room and tackle the obvious clutter first, such as magazines, junk mail, laundry, children's toys and anything that on the surface makes your home look messy. You can throw these things away (in the plastic garbage bags), put them in the appropriate boxes or put them where they belong in specific areas of your home.

Look for the next obvious culprits of clutter: an overabundance of knick-knacks on tables, a kitchen counter overloaded with small appliances, a family room littered with toys. Decide whether to keep, store or donate some or all of these items and, again, place items in boxes.

Tackle the closets next. Again, you will want to decide whether to keep, store or donate the items, such as outgrown clothes, outdated accessories or shoes that have seen better days. A good rule of thumb is that if you have not worn or used it in the past two years, it's safe to get rid of it.

Brainstorm with your family and together make a list of ways that you can be better organized and rid yourselves of future clutter. Some ideas might include cleaning closets every six months, throwing out dated magazines in a timely fashion, getting rid of junk mail the same day it arrives, and putting things like laundry and toys where they belong right away.

Complete the process by delivering the full boxes to the appropriate places: deliver the goods to your chosen charity, actually throw out the things you have decided to discard, have that garage sale. Once these items are out of your house, keeping it organized becomes easier, as long as you stay diligent.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is easier to tackle the steps above when working with a family member or friend. Friends are especially helpful, as they have no sentimental attachment to your belongings and will give you honest feedback of whether to donate or keep items. A good way to stay on track is to set a deadline, especially if a garage sale is planned. This will encourage you to complete the tasks by the sale date.
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