How to Decorate a Meditation Room

A meditation room is meant to be a place of relaxation and serenity. Any sources of distraction, such as TVs, computers and telephones, should be kept out of the space. Decorating your meditation room is a very personal thing, since everyone is different in what they find relaxing. When it comes to decorating a meditation room in your home, follow your personal style and tastes to create a relaxing atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.

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Choose a room that is as far from distractions as possible. If you live in an apartment or condo, use a space that doesn’t share a wall with other units.

Paint the room a color that is calming for you. Blues and yellows are believed to produce a calming effect. Any kind of wall decorations or borders that will draw your attention away from your meditation should be removed.

Use lighting that relaxes you. Fluorescent lights have been proven to cause anxiety and fatigue in many people, so avoid them. Natural lighting works well, or you can use candles to create soft light.

Keep it simple. Don’t clutter up your space. Your room should include only those things that relax you. Candles, plants and fountains are popular in meditation rooms. You may also want a CD player for playing meditative music during your meditations.

Include comfortable seating. You can only meditate in peace if you are physically comfortable. Meditation chairs are made for ultimate comfort, but some people prefer the simplicity of a mat. If you have a serene atmosphere and a comfortable place to sit, your meditation sessions will be more effective.


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