How to Lay a Bathroom Carpet - No Glue

Lay a Bathroom Carpet - No Glue
Lay a Bathroom Carpet - No Glue (Image:

Not everyone likes carpet in a bathroom, but some do. For those who do, here is an easy way to lay it without gluing it down, just in case you change your mind later, or you want to change it again.

Things You'll Need

  • carpet
  • tape measure
  • utility knife
  • paper/pencil
  • ruler
  • sweeper
  • yard stick

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First, you want to draw a floor plan, similar to the one pictured at left. Go into the bathroom with pencil, paper and tape measure. Start at one corner and measure to the next turn, whether it's a wall or a cabinet, tub or whatever. Draw a line on your paper and mark your measurement above this line. Keep going from each in and out all the way back to where you started, transferring your measurements to the paper drawing.

Now you need a place where you can lay your new carpet out flat; outside, in a garage. Just somewhere where you can cut through without cutting anything under the carpet. Put an old sheet or tarp in under the rug.

Begin at one of the square corners, which makes one less cut that you have to make, but keep in mind that you will be adding 2 inches to all your measurements on your paper. This is to give you extra wiggle room, just in case you might have been a little off. It will be easy to cut the extra 2 inches off once you get the rug in the room. Using a yard stick and cutting from the top of the carpet, make your cuts following your paper pattern, again, allowing an extra 2 inches. Take the carpet the room and lay it out. The toilet and vanity will be in the way, so you have to work your way towards them.

Begin with the longest straight wall that you have in the room, folding up the 2 inches. With your 12 inch ruler push the carpet in toward the baseboard and make your cut. When you come to the vanity or the tub, make a vertical in the corner, so that the rug will lay flat going in both directions before you make those cuts at the floor.

The hardest part to cut is around the toilet. Press the carpet even with the front of the toilet and make a cut straight up from the middle front of the toilet to the back of the piece you are holding up. Lay back down around the toilet, and slowly work you way around, cutting a little at a time, pressing down, and cutting a little more and so on. Do the same way with the water feed that comes up through the floor, if there is one on the floor. Some of them come through the wall.

When you have cut all around, you will need to sweep the tiny pieces of carpet where you have cut using your edge attachment.

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