How to Clean Window Tracks

Cleaning window frames is fun
Cleaning window frames is fun (Image: Kettu (1) and Kevinrosseel (2) at

Your windows may sparkle and be crystal clear, but what about the track? A sliding window track can be a trap for dust, dirt and grime. If your window frame is in need of some extra attention, then check out this tutorial for cleaning window frames.

Things You'll Need

  • Sliding window track
  • Window frame
  • Vacuum
  • Garden hose
  • All-purpose household cleaner

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Use your garden hose first to spray the outside of the sliding window track. Spiders love this area, and wind and rain all work together to trap dust and grime into the exterior window frames of your house. If the pressure of your hose isn't enough to remove the gunk, spray a mild detergent into the track to soak. You might need a scrub brush to loosen some of the matter, especially in the corners.

Vacuum the interior window frame with your hose end or brush end attachment first, to rid them of animal hair and dust. If you don't have a brush end attachment, use a stiff bristled paintbrush to dislodge the trapped dust and dirt.

A dirty sliding window track can grow mold
A dirty sliding window track can grow mold

Spray an all-purpose household cleaner into the sliding window track and wipe with a soft cloth until it looks clean. You might want to use a cotton swab in the cracks.

For the outside of the window you can use the same soft cloth or, if your frame is textured, a microfiber eraser-type sponge for cleaning window frames.

Your window frame can be clean
Your window frame can be clean

Tips & Warnings

  • When cleaning window frames, a toothpick can sometimes scrub deep into corners you can't reach.
  • Be sure windows are closed completely before spraying them with a garden hose.
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