Help With a Difficult Room Layout

Rearrange an awkward room for harmonious flow.
Rearrange an awkward room for harmonious flow. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Many room layouts are difficult because of limited wall space; too many windows, doors, walk-throughs and closets. Decorating around limited walls takes a bit of planning and rearranging. Create comfortable flow by starting with a rooms focal point.

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Focal Point

To plan a room, first find the focal point. The room’s focal point is the main, eye-catching feature in a room; a fireplace, piano, TV, picture window, etc. Although you can easily move a TV, many focal points are fixed in place and will need to be worked around. Stand at the main entrance into the room, such as an entrance from outdoors into a living room, to imagine the best flow, or foot-traffic paths, through the room.


The back of a couch or chair acts as a “half-wall” to create a hallway or separate one large room into two when wall space is limited. Placing larger furniture first, allows you to direct foot traffic and create a defined space. Always arrange a conversation area around a focal point, angling seating and a coffee or side table as needed. A large room may have two or more conversation areas.


For an awkward room to flow smoothly, keep foot traffic areas clearly defined and free of clutter. Low backed chairs or plants can be placed in front of windows or beside a focal point. Place artwork on an easel if wall space is limited.

A well planned and arranged room creates comfortable flow in any difficult space.


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