What Goes With Terra Cotta Paint Color?

Terra cotta is a feature of Mediterranean and Western decor.
Terra cotta is a feature of Mediterranean and Western decor. (Image: tuscan flower pot image by Bryce Newell from Fotolia.com)

You can use the color terra cotta to paint home decor, accents or walls. The color's name descends from the Italian "earth" and "clay", which characterize the tone of the reddish-brown earthenware. Terra cotta paint color is an essential part of Mediterranean- and Western-inspired color schemes.

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Terra cotta paint color provides a bold background for cultural decor. Italian, Mexican and American Southwest color schemes incorporate terra cotta reds, as they are reminiscent of the roofing tiles, flooring and gardens found in these regions.


Color schemes that include terra cotta combine it with neutrals and muted colors that mimic the stone, stucco and plaster used in regional architecture. Interior walls of Tuscan farmhouses, for example, are usually white, according to Dream Home Decorating. Also incorporate warm colors such as oranges, yellows, browns and reds.


To identify which colors work best with terra cotta paint, use a color wheel. The design tool will allow you to pair terra cotta with similar analogous colors and warm tones, opposite or contrasting complimentary colors such as blues, and contrasting yet balanced triadic colors such as purple and green.


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