How Long Does It Take for Wall Paint to Dry?

A paint's drying time depends on several factors.
A paint's drying time depends on several factors. (Image: paint image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

There is no standard drying time for wall paint. There are several factors that affect the drying time of paint, so there is a great variation in the amount of time it will take. Familiarize yourself with the variables so that you can estimate your drying time.

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The higher the humidity, the slower the paint dries. This is because high humidity levels slow the evaporation of the paint’s liquids, raising drying times. For instance, if you live in an arid climate, such as the Rocky Mountains or a desert region, your walls will dry faster than someone in the humid swamps of Texas.


The higher the temperature, the faster the liquid in the paint evaporates. Painting in direct sunlight may be uncomfortable for the painter, but means a quick drying time. Low temperatures, especially below 60 degrees, slow the drying process down drastically.

Surface Texture and Characteristics

Porous surfaces absorb some of the liquid in the paint, and dry quicker than smooth surfaces. The temperature of the surface plays a role in drying time, too. Painting a wall that is warm means a quicker evaporation rate and a quicker drying time.

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