Do it Yourself Space Bags

Space Bags are the As Seen On TV storage solution that requires a vacuum hose to suck the air from a bag and compress the contents to an easy-to-store size. The bags are airtight and watertight, allowing you to safely store fabrics without worrying about damage. Space Bags are expensive, but there is an easy, do-it-yourself version you can make with items you have on hand.

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Things to Store

You can store clothes, jackets, blankets, pillows and other fabric items in your homemade Space Bag.

How to Make a Space Bag

Use a garage bag big enough to hold your items, and fill it, allowing yourself a few inches at the top to attach the vacuum hose.

Gather the bag around the vacuum hose, and turn on the vacuum. The bag should deflate in about 30 seconds.

Twist the bag below the hose a few times before removing the hose. Tie off the top.


Your Space Bag will be easy to store but not as impervious to the elements. Garbage bags can be flimsy and rip, and the tie off is not water-tight. Keep this in mind while storing.


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