Properly Load a Dishwasher, the TikTok Way!

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Did you ever receive a proper lesson in dishwasher loading? Whether you have or not, TikTok creator @brunchwithbabs posted the perfect primer. Even if you're a dishwasher-loading dynamo, you might learn a trick or two from her video.

Be sure to put your most breakable items on the top rack!
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Let's start with the don'ts. First off, Babs suggests scraping rather than rinsing your dirty dishes. She explains that if you leave some residue in the bowl or on the plate, the detergent "will have something to adhere to." It will also save water!



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She also warns against putting anything in the dishwasher that doesn't belong there. Along these lines, she mentions wood objects and "good kitchen knives." This is because wood is likely to warp in high temperatures when submerged in water, and kitchen knives are susceptible to rust depending on the detergent you're using.


When it comes to the do's, she starts with the top rack. She notes that the top rack is for your most fragile items. Mugs don't need to be placed on the prongs; instead, just place them upside down in the section between the edge of the rack and the prongs. Wine glasses and other breakables, however, should be placed on the prongs for stability, and if you have a stabilizer, she reminds us to use that too. (A dishwasher stabilizer is a type of guard rail that folds down from the side of the rack and holds the stems of glasses in place.)


@brunchwithbabs demonstrates how to protect the stems of your wine glasses and how to lower your dishwasher's top rack.

Did you know that some dishwashers have a feature for lowering your top rack if your wine glasses or other items are too tall? She instructs us to "push in and press down" on the levers on either side of the top rack. Nifty!



Don't overlap anything, especially bowls! This ensures your dishwasher's spray arms can reach every nook and cranny of every item that needs washing.

Now, for the bottom shelf—@brunchwithbabs instructs us that all of the dishes should face toward the center. In other words, don't stack plates all in a neat line. This is because the dishwasher spray arm can better reach surfaces if the items are facing inward toward the sprayer.

She also says that pots and pans should be placed toward the front of the bottom rack. Knives should be placed with the blade down and the handle up for safety. Also, grouping similar items (forks with forks, spoons with spoons, etc.) makes unloading a bit quicker. Lastly, she reminds us to make sure the dishwasher spray arms are unobstructed!


Be sure to load your bottom rack with everything facing toward the center!

Personally, we're still not over the fact that the top rack can be lowered. Thanks, Babs!


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