#CleanTok Garbage Bin Hacks to Refresh Your Space

Even trash cans themselves need a bit of TLC from time to time. Luckily, we've got #CleanTok to show us how it's done!

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Image Credit: TikTok/@homemakingwithpaola and @mrsmessytiktok

There's no shortage of inspiration for keeping the house clean, but what about cleaning the things that help us keep things clean? (Say that sentence five times fast!) We're talking indoor trash cans, garbage disposals, outdoor trash cans and everything in between. Thankfully, we've got #CleanTok to keep us up to speed. These three videos from #CleanTok creators will introduce you to three trash hacks for a new level of clean.


1. How to clean indoor trash cans

First, @homemakingwithpaola teaches us how to clean and disinfect an indoor trash can. It's easy to take out the trash week after week and simply ignore buildup and remnants that might escape trash bags, but the garbage can itself needs to be deep-cleaned from time to time. For a convenient hack, follow Paola's advice and clean your trash cans in the shower. There's a visible difference between the before and after shots here. We can only imagine that the freshly cleaned containers smell much nicer too!



2. How to clean the garbage disposal

Next up, @mrsmessytiktok shows us how to clean a garbage disposal. She recommends using this method, which calls for ice cubes and dish soap, once per week to keep things fresh. While ice helps remove most gunk attached to disposal blades (and sharpens them!), soap cuts through greasy buildup while taking care of foul odors. And as @mrsmessytiktok mentions, you can even add a lemon slice to the mixture for an extra-fresh citrus scent.


3. How to clean outdoor trash bins

Finally, @jessicahaizman demonstrates how to clean and deodorize outdoor trash and recycling bins, aka those oft-overlooked vessels that deserve a good scrub now and then! If you're a fan of satisfying cleaning videos, this one is for you. The process is supremely gratifying and doesn't call for bleach or other harsh chemicals, instead using vinegar, a dash of dish soap and water (a hose is preferable here). Jessica lets the ingredients soak at the bottom, uses a brush to scrub around lids and other reachable areas and then rinses. Talk about a before and after! You'll be the talk of the neighborhood when you wheel your sparkling trash can to the curb.


While cleaning a dirty trash can or garbage disposal might not be your idea of a peachy keen afternoon, we hope these #CleanTok videos inspire you to get everything looking (and smelling) squeaky clean!


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