How to Wrap a Basic Box

You've found the perfect gift, now it's time to add the perfect wrapping. Using this simple technique can making wrapping gifts as pleasing as what's inside.

Video Transcript

You’ve found the perfect boxed gift. Now, it’s time to add the perfect wrapping. Most boxed gifts can be wrapped using a simple technique. You’ll need wrapping paper, tape, a pencil, a pair of scissors, ribbon, a gift card, and of course, your boxed gift. Start by securely taping down box tops and loose ends. Then, unroll the wrapping paper on a flat surface, with the pattern-side down. An easy way to measure the paper is to use the box itself. Gently lift the paper against one end of the box to make sure you have enough coverage. Give yourself an extra inch or two, just to be safe. Do the same on the other end, giving yourself a little extra paper. Mark the cutting edge with a pencil. To check the length, pull the paper over the box to make sure it’s fully covered. Then, bring the paper back to the flat surface and set aside the box. Cut a straight line with scissors. Use a straight edge, if necessary. Place the box on the center of the paper, topside down. On one side, pull the paper up just over the mid-point of the top of the box, secure with tape. Fold the other end of the paper about an inch, and crease to hide the factory edge. Fold over tightly and tape. Starting on one end, fold in the sides of the paper. Crease the top and bottom edges of the paper into triangles. Pull the top triangle down. If it goes past the bottom of the box, cut off the extra paper, then tape in place. Next, pull the bottom triangle flap up snugly against the box, fasten with tape. Don’t forget the other side. Then set the wrapped gift right side up. Crease each corner of the paper with your fingers to add that special level of detail. Add a decorative ribbon and a gift card. Done! And the packaging is just about as pleasing as what’s inside.

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