How to Make a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Box

Asking someone to be in your wedding party is a big deal. These are the people you consider the most important in your life and you want to make sure that you make them feel special and included on your wedding day. A "Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box" is the perfect, thoughtful gift to pop the question to your friends! By following the simple steps detailed below you will learn how to create a gift everyone will enjoy.

A bridesmaid box makes a thoughtful and fun gift. (Image: Gillian Ellis)

Choosing Your Color Sceme

Turquoise and orange help create a summer themed gift. (Image: Gillian Ellis)

Start with a lidded box and fill it with colored paper. You can easily find these boxes at craft or paper stores. Before purchasing your items decide on a theme or color palette for your gift. The box shown here has a summer theme so the colors are bright and fun.

Selecting Items For Your Bridesmaids

Colorful candy and a fun drink makes yummy additions. (Image: Gillian Ellis)

Next, choose items you know your bridesmaids will love. You can never go wrong with a fun drink, colorful straws and candy!

Incorporating Larger Items

A green turkish towel is the perfect complement to a summer theme. (Image: Gillian Ellis)

The box shown includes a Turkish towel and fun coasters to enhance the summer theme. Include larger items like these to go with the theme and colors of your box. For example the Turkish towel is green so that it matches the candy bar and the coasters are a welcome addition to the included drink.

Completing Your Bridesmaid Gift Box

Add a sweet card to finish off your bridesmaid box. (Image: Gillian Ellis)

Finally, finish off your gift box with a sweet card and some decorative ribbon. Everyone will be clamoring to be in your bridal party after receiving a gift this sweet.