Special Things to Do on a 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrate the milestone event of 25 years of marriage.

Plan a special day to celebrate your 25th silver wedding anniversary and commemorate your love and the milestone event of 25 years of marriage. It is your day, so choose to celebrate it however you and your significant other want, whether an intimate day for two or an elaborate party with your friends and family.


Second Honeymoon

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Take a second honeymoon with the 25th anniversary silver theme in mind and book a trip to Silver Sands, Jamaica. This exotic location, located 30 miles from Jamaica's airport, features more than 40 fully furnished cozy cottages and luxury villas for rent. Area amenities within walking distance include a club house with a bar, grill, grocery store and gift shop, a tennis court, romantic gazebo, park and, of course, long stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches.

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Renew Vows

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Choose to renew your vows and proclaim that your love for each other is still going strong after 25 years. Select a location that has meaning to you--your house, a church, park or nearby beach--and invite close friends and family to witness your vow renewal. Serve your guests light appetizers, champagne and wedding cake. (For sentimental value, take a picture of your wedding cake to a local bakery to have a replica made.) Use silver decorations such as balloons, streamers and dinnerware to keep with the 25th wedding anniversary theme. Set up a table with a guest book, and display your wedding photos in silver frames around the book.


25 Gifts

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Give your significant other 25 gifts to symbolize the 25 years of marriage. Opt to give all the gifts on your wedding anniversary day or for a fun option, give one gift a day during the 24 days preceding your anniversary and the last gift on your special day. Gift choices for women in the traditional wedding theme of silver include 25 flowers in a silver vase, 25 chocolates wrapped in silver paper, silver jewelry, a silver frame or a silver keepsake box. Men might enjoy a silver money clip, silver key ring, cuff links or a silver watch.


Romantic Day for Two

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Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with the only other person who matters that day--your significant other. Spend the day enjoying quality time together with a variety of intimate activities for two. Start the day with a leisurely brunch at your favorite restaurant. Spend the afternoon walking in the park and eating a casual picnic lunch. And spoil yourselves with a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant. Before bed, cozy up on the couch and reminisce with photo albums from the past 25 years and watch your wedding video to remember how it all began.


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