How to Preserve Wedding Veils

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Things You'll Need

  • Mild laundry detergent

  • Acid- and lignin-free tissue

  • Acid-free box

  • Protective garment bag

Preserve your wedding veil for future generations.

A wedding veil is a precious accessory from your wedding that can be handed down from generation to generation. The veil must be preserved properly in order to maintain the integrity of the material for use. Professional dry cleaners provide the services to preserve your veil, but there are simple steps you can take at home.


Step 1

Clean the veil by hand washing with a mild laundry detergent, unless the cleaning directions by the manufacturer of the veil state otherwise. If there are only spots of dirt on the veil, you can clean only those spots. Let the veil air dry completely. Have the veil professionally dry-cleaned if you prefer.

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Step 2

Place the veil flat and place a piece of acid- and lignin-free tissue on top of it. Fold the veil gently and wrap it completely in the tissue. Use lignin- and acid-free tissue as some paper materials contain acids that can ruin the material of the veil over time and lignin, a natural compound in paper, can discolor the veil material. You can find this kind of tissue paper in craft and fabric stores. Acid-free buffered tissue paper can be used with cotton, linen or polyester garments, but not for silk. Buffered tissue paper is treated to help destroy harmful chemicals, but destroys natural fabrics such as silk.


Step 3

Place the wrapped veil in an acid-free box. This kind of box can be found at dry cleaners or companies that specialize in restoring heirloom garments. A protective garment bag can also be used. The storage device should not be sealed; moist air can be trapped and form mildew.

Step 4

Store the preserved veil in a cool, dry place. The storage place should have a temperature that remains constant, such as a closet -- not a basement or attic.


Do not use plastic to preserve your wedding veil as it dispatches fumes when enclosed that will ruin the material.


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