How to Make Tulle Bows for Church Pews

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Things You'll Need

  • Roll of tulle (5 yards per bow)

  • Scissors

  • Floral wire

  • Wire cutters

Adorn your walk down the aisle with delicate tulle bows.

Using tulle in your wedding decorations provides your space with a sense of grace and elegance. Tulle can be tied into soft bows to adorn your pews and even reused as table decorations at the reception. Though white and ivory are the most commonly used colors, tulle is available in many shades to coordinate with your wedding's colors and flowers. You can even add additional interest to the bows by including a small bunch of flowers at the center of the fabric.


Step 1

Cut a 5-yard length of tulle, and trim the edges into a V shape or cut them at an angle. This will give the bow a more-graceful finish than straight, blunt edges.

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Step 2

Make a loop in the tulle, leaving 10 inches of fabric at one end and the remaining length at the other. The 10-inch length will act as the bow's tail. Scrunch the base of the loop between your thumb and forefinger, as this will add a bit of texture to the loop, helping it stay in place better.

Step 3

Make a second loop at the bottom of the first loop, this time making one that is slightly longer.

Step 4

Scrunch the base once more and create a third loop, this one at the top of the bow again. Make sure that it is slightly larger than the first loop you created. Continue the pattern until you have 10 loops in total -- five on the top and five on the bottom.


Step 5

Wrap a strand of wire around the bow's center. Place it underneath the tail, as this bit of fabric will work to cover the fastening. Twist the ends together at the back and trim away the excess wire.

Step 6

Fluff out the bow, as tulle has a tendency to go a bit flat during the process. Fan out the layers to create a rounded bow.

Step 7

Attach a loop of wire to the wire fastening at the back. This can then be attached to your pew clips or simply slipped onto the pew.


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