How to Word Jack & Jill Bridal Shower Invitations

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A number of modern couples are opting to host coed or Jack and Jill bridal showers in place of the traditional shower that has a female-only guest list. To invite your friends and family members of both genders, as well as your future husband's loved ones, it's important to word the invitations in a way that makes the special men in your life feel just as comfortable attending the "bridal" shower as the women.


Step 1

Begin the invitation with a short sentence or two that lets guests know what the theme of the shower will be. For instance, something like "Join us for a shower on the beach! We're celebrating the upcoming wedding of (bride's name) and (groom's name) with some fun in the sun!" By mentioning the name of the groom in the intro, you're indicating that male guests are welcomed.


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Step 2

Include additional coed-friendly wording on the invitation to make sure guests of both genders feel comfortable coming to the celebration. For example, type something like "We'll be showering the couple with gifts for their new life together on (date of shower)."

Step 3

Follow the information about the date of the party with the time and location of the Jack and Jill shower.


Step 4

Re-emphasize the fact that men and women are invited to the bridal shower by adding RSVP information for both a male and female contact, like the maid of honor and best man, or the future bride and groom themselves if they are hosting the event.

Step 5

Include small cards indicating the stores where the couple have registered so male and female guests can find ideal presents for the bride and groom-to-be.


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