Redneck Party Game Ideas

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy popularized the redneck theme that characterizes a redneck party with his "You might be a redneck if . . ." statements, all meant in good fun. While the definition of a redneck and who might fit the description is subjective, redneck party games can be entertaining for anyone, whether they consider themselves redneck or not.

Spam Carving Contest

Spam is affordable and easy to work with. You don't need sharp tools to stage a spam carving contest. A butter knife will do the trick. Set a timer and see which party guest can come up with the best carving in a specified time limit. Pass out spam coupons as a prize to the winner.

Whoopie Cushion Blow Out

Line guests up with whoopie cushions and see which redneck party guest can get the loudest reaction, both from the rest of the party guests and the cushion itself. Have an unbiased judge handy for the event.

Toilet Seat Toss

Forget horseshoes. Tossing plastic toilet seat covers is more fun at a redneck party. Set up a couple of wooden stakes and take turns tossing the toilet seats as you would horseshoes. This is an ideal team game.

Beer Can Stomp

Line up as many beer cans as you can and have guests stomp and collect as many beer cans as they can flatten in a specified time. Set the kitchen timer to add its own redneck element when it goes off. The guest to collect the most beer cans wins.

Slinky Races

Find the highest staircase you can and have guests compete against one another in slinky races. The classic steel slinky or the newer plastic models are welcome, depending upon your racing preference. No modified slinkys allowed.

Toilet Paper Relay

Break guests into teams of two or more and have guests run a relay with a roll of toilet paper between their knees. Each guest must make it to one end of the relay track and back, pass the toilet paper roll (no hands allowed) to the next person in line and continue until one team finishes.

Jeff Foxworthy Tribute

Pay tribute to Jeff Foxworthy by having guests write their own "You might be a redneck if . . ." jokes. The first person could write "You might be a redneck if you enjoy any of these games."