Papel Picado: DIY Mexican Cutout Flags

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric in assorted solid colors

  • Sheets of 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper

  • Low-tack spray adhesive

  • Pen

  • Scissors

  • Fabric tape or glue

  • Ribbon or string

Mexican flag banners

Mexican flag banners made of tissue paper, also known as papel picado, are a festive decoration for many holidays including Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, Day of the Dead and Easter. This version, made with fabric instead of tissue paper, lasts longer so you can keep it up year-long.


Step 1

Spray adhesive on the paper backing

Cutting the fabric will be easier with some paper backing attached to it. Spray a light mist of low-tack adhesive on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper. Be sure to use spray adhesive that is labeled "temporary" or "repositionable," as we do not want the paper to adhere permanently to the fabric.

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Step 2

Cut fabric and place on paper

Cut a piece of fabric so it is just smaller than the paper. Place the fabric on the sticky side of the paper, and use your hands to flatten the fabric.


Step 3

Fold the paper and draw your design

Fold the paper and fabric lengthwise with the paper on the outside, pressing down on all the edges. The edges of the paper that were not covered with fabric will stick to each other, thanks to the spray adhesive. Draw patterns on the top side of the folded sheet for you to cut. Outline the side and bottom as well, including a scalloped edge if you wish.


Step 4

Cut along the edges

Start by cutting any patterns that you have drawn along the edges. With the paper backing holding the fabric together, any cuts you make will extend to both halves of the fabric.


Step 5

Fold paper to cut interior shapes

To cut out shapes that are on the inside of the paper, fold the paper so the shapes move to the edge. As you can see, shapes that are symmetrical are easier to work with, since you can fold the shape at its midpoint before cutting.



Step 6

Keep cutting interior shapes

Keep cutting the shapes, folding the paper at various angles to allow you access to the interior. For shapes that are not symmetrical, fold the paper, cut a slit into the shape, unfold the paper, and then cut the remainder of the shape.


Step 7

Cut the sides and bottom edges

Cut along the sides and bottoms of the folded paper. Do not cut the top of the paper, as you will need the extra space at the top of each flag to attach to the ribbon.


Step 8

Peel the fabric from the backing

Unfold the paper and peel the fabric from the paper backing. Because the spray adhesive was temporary, the fabric should peel off easily without residue.

Step 9

Attach flag to ribbon

Cut a long piece of ribbon that will hold your desired number of flags. Fold the top of the flags over the ribbon, securing the flags to the ribbon with fabric tape or glue.

Step 10

Hang flag banners as decoration

Place at least five flags on each banner, and tie the ends of the banner to trees or posts. Hang multiple banners in succession for a festive, colorful decoration.


When spraying adhesive to your backing paper, apply a very light coat. The stickier the paper, the more likely the fabric will fray when it is removed.

Leave at least 24 to 36 inches of ribbon at the ends of the banner so you have plenty of ribbon to tie around posts or trees.


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