Celebrate Hanukkah With These Dazzling Decorations

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Among the millions (give or take) of Christmas decorations offered by retailers lies a small but mighty collection of Hanukkah decorations. Even though there is absolutely no correlation between Hanukkah and Christmas (no, Hanukkah is not the Jewish Christmas), except for the proximity in which the two holidays land each year, it can be pretty annoying to search high and low for Hanukkah decorations when Christmas decorations literally take over entire stores.


The good news, however, is that Hanukkah decorations have come a long way since your temple's gift shop being the only place to land any good ones (albeit dusty ones—IYKYK). Online retailers have made decorations more accessible, especially for Jews who live in areas that don't have a large Jewish population (stores aren't likely to stock Hanukkah decorations just for the Goldberg and the Silver families).

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To make your search even easier, I've put together a list of the best Hanukkah decorations—the ones my entire Jewish family would have been thrilled to get their hands on back in the (pre-internet) day. There's some festive table decor, wall decor, Menorah swag, and plenty of string lights and other light-up decorations. Hanukkah is the festival of lights, after all.


Scroll on to find more Hanukkah decoration options than you'd find in any store. You're welcome and happy Hanukkah!

1. Rocinha Star of David String Lights

$12.99 at Amazon


Brighten up all eight days of Hanukkah with these blue Star of David string lights. There are eight lighting modes to choose from (one for each night, perhaps) that you can manage using the included remote control. Place them on your dining room table surrounding the menorah, frame them around your front door, hang them from a fireplace mantel or display them in your child's bedroom. The lights take three AA batteries (sold separately) and can safely be used indoors or outdoors under a covered patio.


2. Glitzhome Wooden Hanukkah Houses

$30.49 at Overstock


$36.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Display your own little Hanukkah village with this tabletop decor from Glitzhome. There are seven wooden homes with cutout windows. Each handcrafted home is uniquely designed with some displaying Hanukkah sentiments. It's designed to be used inside but can also work well outside under a covered area.



3. Alpine Corporation Outdoor Star of David

$171.29 at Walmart


$171.29 at The Home Depot

Wish your neighbors a Happy Hanukkah by placing this light-up Star of David in your yard. It's a classy way to remind Hanukkah Harry not to forget to stop by your house with gifts this year. It features warm white lights and blue flickering LED lights with a speed controller. Stakes, zip ties and an easel are included so it can easily be set up in the yard.

4. The Dreidel Company Hanukkah Hanging Ball Lanterns, Set of 6

$12.99 at Amazon

Hang all six of these Hanukkah-themed paper lanterns in your living room to give your kids that extra little nudge to ask, "Is it time to do Hanukkah yet?" over and over again until you say yes. The lanterns are easy to assemble and easy to hang. If you store them properly, they can last for many years before needing to be replaced— that is if your kids can control the temptation to use them as soccer balls.

5. Turnmeon Inflatable Hanukkah Menorah

$66.99 at Amazon


Nothing says "Jews live here" like a giant inflatable menorah (or candelabra if you're fancy and, well, not Jewish) in your yard. It's probably sacrilegious to say that this 6-foot tall menorah with eight lit menorah candles will put your neighbor's inflatable Santa to shame, but this 6-foot tall menorah will put your neighbor's inflatable Santa to shame. It's fun outdoor decor, and it's waterproof, durable and can withstand the weather winter will throw its way. To turn it on, simply plug it in and it'll fully self-inflate within two minutes.

6. The Holiday Aisle Oy to the World Lumbar Pillow

$39.99 at Wayfair

Add some light-hearted cushioning to your home decor with this decorative "Oy to the World" throw pillow. It's a great accent piece for your living room couch or home office, but it also makes a great Hanukkah gift. The pillow isn't technically Hanukkah specific, so it's a pillow that can work year-round if you want it to. You're the boss.

7. Partyprops Hanukkah Felt Ball Garlands

$16.99 at Amazon

There's something festive about garland, and these blue and white felt balls are no exception. This Hanukkah garland includes two strands with 30 felt balls on each. Add them to your holiday decor by hanging them on a fireplace mantel, using them as wall decor or adding them as a centerpiece on your holiday table.


8. Kurt S. Adler Gingerbread House Hanukkah Ornament

$8.40 at Amazon

$15.08 at Walmart

For the Hanukkah bush that your parents never let you get, this gingerbread house Hanukkah ornament is a keeper. The ornament is made of clay and decorated to look like the cutest little Hanukkah house ever. If your Hanukkah bush only exists in your dreams, you can place the ornament on your Christmas tree if you live in a home where both holidays are celebrated, or set it on a table next to your existing Hanukkah decor.

9. Avoin Hanukkah Gnome Yard Sign

$8.99 at Amazon

$9.99 at Walmart

Allow these Hanukkah gnomes to welcome your Bubby, Zadie and entire mishpacha over to eat latkes, light the Hanukkah candles and enjoy your family's Hanukkah celebration. Made from burlap, you don't have to worry about this sign getting dirty in the great outdoors as it's machine-washable. Just make sure you lay it flat to dry.


10. TessandClare Personalized Hanukkah Countdown Blocks

$30.00 at Etsy

It's easy to know which night of Hanukkah you're on when it first begins, but by day three or four, it's hard to keep track. Allow these adorable countdown blocks to keep tabs on how many Hanukkah candles you need to light each night. The handmade wooden blocks can be personalized with your last name, and the number block goes from one to eight.

11. Big Dot of Happiness Hanukkah Banner

$19.99 at Walmart

$19.99 at Amazon

In terms of party decorations, a Happy Hanukkah banner is sometimes all you need for a little wall decor. If you want to keep the decorations minimal, check out this set of three Hanukkah banners that'll bring the Hanukkah cheer. Made from sturdy card stock, the banners are reusable.

12. Pottery Barn Latke Stoneware Appetizer Plates, Set of 8

$99.00 at Pottery Barn

Set these stunning appetizer plates on top of dinner plates on top of a tablecloth to really impress your relatives and prove that you are, in fact, a real grown-up. This set of eight plates features the Star of David intertwined with different designs, each just as unique and pretty as the next. While they work well for Hanukkah, they can be used throughout the entire year for most Jewish holidays and Shabbat dinners.

13. SallymanderMade Minimalist Wreath

$34.00 at Etsy

This minimalist wreath will add a touch of winter beauty throughout the year, but especially at Hanukkah thanks to its classic blue and white Hanukkah colors. Handmade from wool and metal, the wreath is perfect to hang outside your front door or even to use as wall decor inside your home.

14. DestinationHomeCo Hanukkah Door Decor

$25.00 - $28.00 at Etsy

If you aren't into Hanukkah decorations that are too in-your-face (which is totally understandable), this wooden Happy Hanukkah decor is a subtle touch. It's made of wood and angled to perfectly fit over the corner of a door, shelf or picture frame. You have a few color choices: blue, gold, silver and white, along with all of those in glittery options.

15. DownsizedDesigns Stacked Menorah Art

$65.00 - $69.00 at Etsy

Add a unique Hanukkah decoration to your table or wall with this stacked menorah. The wooden art piece has a 3D effect, but it's actually eight separate laser-cut menorahs stacked against each other to symbolize the eight nights of Hanukkah. Choose from gray tones or brown tones.


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