These Large-Batch Christmas Gifts Will Save You So Much Money

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While the actual giving of gifts is easily the best part of Christmas, the painstaking process of what to buy everyone on your list is the most stressful. Not only do you have to think about what to get, but you have to consider how much you want to spend. And the worst part? The longer your list grows — family, friends, coworkers and so on — the more your stress expands. But don't worry, because the best way to handle this holiday conundrum is to make presents in large batches. These 10 budget-friendly ideas are easy to make in bulk, and they won't diminish the thoughtfulness in the gift-giving gesture. Once you've finished, you can shake all that stress away.

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Create Jam That'll Inspire a New Jingle

This fig jam is so good, your family will be singing "bring me the figgy jam" over and over like they never had a taste for pudding. Make a giant batch of fig jam and fill it in enough mason jars for the entire family. Don't forget to add a red-and-white bow for effect.

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Give Them a Quick Chocolate Fix

Everybody loves a good brownie, which means that everyone needs a good brownie mix in their pantry. Keep your chocolate-loving pals happy with a natural, homemade version of their favorite brownie mix. Place it in a group of decorative containers, and pass them out with green and red bows.

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Add Herbed Olive Oil to Their Dinner Parties

Do you have a friend who loves to throw dinner parties? Then the perfect gift bag to present her with includes an herb-infused olive oil. It's quite the easy gift to make, and it looks beautiful when wrapped in cellophane or placed in a small basket.

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Give Them a Cozy Breakfast Condiment

You and your coworkers love to chat about weekend brunch once Monday rolls around, so why not give them a reason to enjoy breakfast at home over the holiday break? Whip together a batch of apple butter for each of your coworkers and present it on their desks before they arrive. Bonus points if you pick up muffins during your commute.

sachets with lavender
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Bring Them Calm During the Busiest Time of Year

While you can fill these easy-to-make homemade sachets with anything, lavender might be the ideal aroma for everyone on your list. It's a soothing, calming scent that they can throw in their bags or keep on their nightstands for whenever the season gets to be too hectic.

mulled spices
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Let Them Decide What to Mull With Their Spices

Mulled wine is a classic wintery drink to fill you with warm holiday cheer. Put together a collection of mulling spices, and then let your friends and family decide if they want to make mulled wine or simply let the spices give their home a festive scent through New Year's Day.

marble trinket boxes
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Create a Homemade Box for Their Keepsakes

If the group you're gifting has a collection of everyday jewelry or likes to stock up on trinkets, then making a bunch of faux wood and marble boxes is a great way to keep their must-haves in one tidy and chic place.

homemade scented candles
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Fill Their Homes With Natural Scents and Candlelight

So you have a group of friends who either love candles or prefer essential oils. Where's the common ground? Easy: homemade candles. When you make your own natural candles using essential oils, you're handing out gifts they all will love.


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