What to Write on an Engagement Cake

Wording for engagement cakes should congratulate the couple or celebrate love.

Celebrating an engagement is a joyous occasion, and an engagement party is a way for friends and family to show their love and support for the happy couple. If you are making the cake for the engagement party, deciding on the cake's wording should not be difficult. Consider the party's level of formality and the amount of space on the cake for writing, and pick a word or phrase that reminds you of the couple.


Add the couple's names or initials to the cake.

An easy way to personalize an engagement cake is to add the engaged couple's names or initials to the cake. There are numerous way to do this. One way is by writing the bride-to-be's and groom-to-be's first initials on either side of the first initial of the groom's last name. Other options include writing out the couple's first names, such as "Jack & Rose" or writing "Future Mr. & Mrs. Adams." The style of the lettering should fit the level of formality of the party. For instance, fancy, cursive letters would be suitable for an elegant celebration.


You can also put short phrases on the cake.

Short phrases are options for wording on engagement cakes. Depending on the amount of space on the cake, a one- to three-word phrase that is wedding-related will dress up an engagement cake. Simple words, such as "Love" or "Engaged!" are short enough to fit on small cakes. Two or three-word phrases, such as "I Do!" or "She said yes!" could be scrolled atop larger amounts of space. Phrases can be used alone to decorate the cake's top, or they can be placed in the center of a cake with a floral or other type of border.


You can also put quotes on their cake.

If you have a large engagement cake, such as a sheet cake, you can use longer quotes about love or marriage. Romantic quotes from songs, such as "All you need is love," are appropriate for music-loving couples. Movie quotes, literary quotes or other wedding-related quotes that fit the couple would also work. For instance, if the couple enjoys poetry, a quote such as "How do I love thee?" would be a fitting choice. The quotes should fit with the formality of the party, as much as possible.


Plain and simple wording is classy and beautiful on an engagement cake.

Plain and simple wording can be just as beautiful on an engagement cake as an intricate message, especially if written neatly atop an attractive cake. Because the couple is celebrating a new stage in their lives, basic messages such as "Congratulations," "Best Wishes" and "Good Luck" are options. To personalize these messages even further, add the couple's names to the message, as well, such as "Way to Go, Robin and Steve!"

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