Can Clothes Steamers Be Used to Clean Drapes & Sanitize House?

Clothes steamers have long been used as a way to deep clean and remove wrinkles from clothing, but they are actually also useful in sanitizing the home plus cleaning draperies and upholstered surfaces. By using the clothes steamer properly, you can quickly remove residue, most stains and rid bacteria from the textile surfaces in your home.

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How a Clothes Steamer Works

Clothes steamers are fairly easy to use and operate, allowing you to run a hose attachment from a water tank to steam fabrics. These are often used in place of household irons as the steamers remove wrinkles while also killing bacteria with the strong steam flow.

Preparing Your Clothes Steamer

Twist off the water tank cap of your clothes steamer. Fill the tank with tap water until you reach the fill line of the tank; water temperature makes no difference. You can also use distilled water if you have a hard water or well water supply as sediment can often settle in your clothes steamer's water tank. Twist in the hose attachment.

How to Use the Steam Cleaner

Turn on the clothes steamer, let it heat up for a minute or so and begin rubbing across your textile. Carpeting can be cleaned just as well as drapes and upholstery, and move slowly so the steam can deeply penetrate the fabrics. Continue until you clean all surfaces, and watch the water compartment, refilling as needed when the water tank becomes low. Let the upholsteries air dry afterward.

Things to Avoid

Do not use a clothes steamer on silks, taffeta and other delicate surfaces. If you are uncertain, read product labels if possible or consult with a dry cleaning facility. Also do not use cleaning solution in your steamer, as the unit is designed to be used with water only. The heat from the steam will be enough to kill many types of bacteria.


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