Ideas for a Birthday Party at the Park

A birthday party at a park might be a good place to try a piñata.
A birthday party at a park might be a good place to try a piñata. (Image: Todd Warnock/Lifesize/Getty Images)

A birthday party at the park is a unique way to celebrate the annual event without the mess at your home. Consider renting a temporary tent or on-site shelter to use in case of inclement weather. Be sure to check the park regulations about group gathering limitations and rules before moving forward with your park party.

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Using a park as a venue for a birthday party creates several opportunities to tie in the venue location with the party theme. A seasonally focused birthday celebration during the summer could include traditional water activities and summer picnic food. For a young son who likes insects, use the park site to take a nature walk and identify different insects. If you don’t want to have a themed birthday party, consider picking a park with on-site activities for party goers to enjoy as part of the party, such as a playground, horseshoes or nearby lake facilities.


Outdoor games at the park give attendees a large area to play traditional outdoor games. Play traditional games such as bobbing for apples, relays, tag, or the three-legged race before eating for guests to work up an appetite. Consider hiding little treasures near the party site or have a scavenger hunt for nature items. Other birthday party games at the park could center on the party’s theme, such as water volleyball or pin-the-antenna-on-the-insect.


With the exception of winter in some climates, consider serving food at the park birthday party. Bring a pre-made or storebought covered birthday cake to serve to guests. If you would like to provide guests with a meal, you could have pizza or other food delivered to the park. If the park has a grill, bring hot dogs, hamburgers or other prepared items to cook up outside. On the side, serve pre-cut raw vegetables, a pre-made salad such as a potato salad, and chips. Serve assorted individual sized beverages or buy or prepare beverages in large and disposable cups.


Decorating for a birthday party at the park can range from a little to a lot. The use of colored or birthday-themed plastic tablecloths on picnic tables lightens the festivities of the occasion, along with birthday- or other-themed napkins. Hang oxygen or helium filled latex balloons and colored streamers around the end of the picnic table or the edge of the shelter's roof.


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