Homemade Football Costume for Girls

An old football works well as a prop for a girl's football costume.
An old football works well as a prop for a girl's football costume. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Football is an American classic and that is why football player costumes are so popular -- even for girls to wear. There are many inexpensive ways to make a football player costume that is appropriate for girls. Dressing up a girl as a football player is an excellent way to teach gender equality. Football player costumes can be made from recycled materials and are a great way to “go-green” while dressing up.

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Football Costume from Recycled Clothing

A football costume for a girl doesn't have to cost anything because it can be made from materials found in most homes. Football pads can be made from foam parts lying around the house. Simply secure the foam to a T-shirt with duct tape. By using an old V-neck shirt with felt numbers glued to it, a football jersey can be fashioned. Complete the uniform with the addition of gray or white sweatpants or leggings accented with black electrical tape in a vertical stripe on the outside of each leg. A football helmet can be borrowed and any old pair of cleats will work as a substitute for football cleats.

Football Costume from Thrift Store Finds

For a vintage football costume appropriate for a girl, go to a thrift store to look for the costume parts. Many thrift stores carry old fashioned football jerseys and helmets. Due to the low cost and the fact that the costume doesn't have to be used again, an inexpensive vintage football player costume is a good choice for the foundation of a feminine football player costume. To turn the traditional football player costume into a more feminine design, cut the football pants into a skirt or shorts and the shirt into a half top. Add pink lettering to give the football costume a feminine style.

Football Goal Post Costume

A memorable, custom football costume for a girl can be created by dressing her as a football goal post. By decorating a box to look like the end zone and adding a plastic goal post to the box so that it reaches above her head as she wears it, this football costume is guaranteed to turn heads. Use stencils to write the name of the girl’s favorite team across the end zone and attach a football hat to the top of her head to give the illusion that the football is flying between the uprights.

Zombie Football Player

A zombie football player costume adds a scary twist to an otherwise traditional football player costume. After dressing up in a traditional football player costume, paint the girl’s face white. Add black liner around the eye. Use red makeup to paint artificial wounds on the zombie girl’s face. Use hair spray paint to color the hair gray or white.


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