How to Hook Up the Kirby Shampooer

The Kirby shampoo device is unlike most carpet shampoo machines in that it is an attachment for the vacuum cleaner that is filled with cleaning foam and uses the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to apply and remove the cleaning foam on the carpet. The carpet surface should be cleaned in a normal fashion by the Kirby vacuum or another standard vacuum prior to carpet shampooing. Hooking up the Kirby shampoo attachment takes a few steps and should only be done by adults due to the use of chemicals and the weight of the vacuum cleaner.

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Step on the Kirby vacuum foot pedal to lift up the vacuum cleaner. Lift up the knob hook on the shampoo nozzle attachment.

Attach the shampoo attachment onto the vacuum nozzle and turn the knob clockwise to secure.

Lift up the lid on the shampoo tank and turn over to access the built-in measuring cap. Fill with 1 or 2 caps of Kirby shampoo cleaner and pour into the tank. Fill the tank with cold water to the fill mark and close the lid.

Fit the shampoo tank on top of the shampoo attachment. Attach the shampoo tray to the front of the vacuum cleaner and connect the tray to the vacuum with the hose.

Step on the foot pedal and lower the vacuum head with the shampoo tray to the floor. The shampoo tray is now attached to the Kirby vacuum and ready for use.


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