How to Clean Glass Smoking Bowls

Glass pipes, also known as "glass smoking bowls" or simply "bowls," are different from their traditional predecessors and can be very colorful and ornate. Since they are made from glass, they can become discolored from prolonged use. Additionally, the cleaning method for a glass pipe is different from cleaning a wooden pipe. You can make your dull, yellowed glass pipe look new and vibrant again with a few common household items.

Things You'll Need

  • Salt
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Resealable plastic sandwich bag
  • Cotton swabs

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Run your glass smoking bowl under hot water for a few minutes to rinse out any loose particles. Let the water flow through any holes in the pipe to get out as much debris as you can.

Place the smoking bowl in the plastic zipper bag along with a quarter cup of salt and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Seal the bag and microwave it for 10 seconds.

Open the bag and pull the smoking bowl out. Discard the bag and cleaning solution. Run the smoking bowl under hot water for a few minutes to rinse away most of the burnt-on residue.

Use cotton swabs to clean out the remaining residue. Allow the smoking bowl to dry before using it again.


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