How to Remove Window Film Glue

Window film is an elegant yet practical means of providing sun control and security measure for any room. It reduces glare, excessive heat gain and the sun's harmful UV rays. Window film also prevents furniture, drapes and carpets from fading due to sun exposure. It is installed using an adhesive. When replacing or removing window film, glue residue may be left behind that easily can be eliminated using the proper cleaning method and supplies.

Things You'll Need

  • Multipurpose stain remover
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Glass cleaner

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Ventilate the room to create a safe workspace. This is always necessary when working with chemical cleaners to avoid inhaling hazardous fumes.

Apply the multipurpose stain remover according to the product label. Either spray the solution directly onto the window film glue, or pour it onto a cleaning cloth first. The product safely dissolves glues and other adhesives from glass.

Allow the solvent to soak the film glue if instructed. Otherwise simply use the cloth to wipe the affected area to remove the loose glue.

Apply more of the stain remover to soften the glue if it does not come off with ease. Clean the window with a household glass cleaner for a thorough removal of any film left by the stain remover.


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