How to Throw a Redneck Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Invitations

  • Redneck attire

  • Food

  • Beverages

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Before hosting a backyard barbecue, consider throwing a redneck party. Redneck parties have become popular because they create a fun atmosphere. Guests are encourages to "dress down" for this party and the food is far from gourmet. The point of a redneck party is to come together and celebrate in a "trashy" environment. Although redneck parties create a fun theme, it is important to be sensitive to the lifestyles of those who are less fortunate.


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Step 1

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Choose a location. Camp out in a recreational vehicle, throw a party in your backyard, rent a trailer for the night or invite your guests to your newly redecorated redneck home.


Step 2

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Send out redneck invitations. Be creative with the invitations. Tell guests to bring their cousins. Use informal words such as "ain't," "ya'll" and "c'mon" in your invitations. Inform guests to wear their best redneck attire. Suggest "wife-beater" T-shirts, ripped blue jeans and Confederate flag T-shirts in your invitations.


Step 3

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Choose food for your redneck party that's cheap and easy. Consider cheese in a can, hot dogs, tater tots and Spam. Barbecue outside or build a fire in your backyard and cook your food in a burning fire pit.


Step 4

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Select cheap alcoholic beverages and simple refreshments for the party. Wine in a box, generic soda and the cheapest liquor are a favorite among redneck parties. Throw everything in an ice-filled cooler.


Step 5

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Find decorations that accent your redneck party. Decorate your backyard tree with beer cans, scattered toilet seats and tires. Place flowers in 2-liter bottles as centerpieces. You can also hang a clothesline up and hang cheap lingerie and old clothes. The idea is to make your party atmosphere appear "trashy" and adhere to the redneck stereotype.


Step 6

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Keep your guests entertained. Hold contests and games for your redneck guests. Build a horseshoe pit. Encourage guests to bring their favorite homemade redneck dish. Run a contest for the best redneck recipe. Play classic country music and encourage your redneck guests to square dance.


Buy old furniture at a yard sale or thrift store to place in your yard.