How to Clean Mold From a Cabinet

You may notice the smell before you see it, as mold has a tendency to attach itself in places that don’t get much light. Mold is a fungal growth not only inconvenient in the home, but contributes to potential health and respiratory problems. If mold has made its way into your cabinets, the quicker this is cleaned out the better.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Medium bristle brush
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide

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Remove everything from the cabinet and visually inspect it carefully before setting it aside. Separate any items that may have mold on them to decide whether or not you would rather clean it or discard. Food packages with mold on them should be tossed out just in case somehow the mold has gotten inside.

Dampen the molded area with water to help reduce the chances of mold spores getting into the air and relocating. Lightly mist the area with clean water in a spray bottle.

Lay newspapers down around the cabinet to collect mold debris.

Brush loose as mold of the mold as possible with a medium bristle brush; push the loose mold out of the cabinet onto the newspaper below.

Mix one part 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with three parts water in a spray bottle and saturate the area thoroughly. Repeat after about 15 minutes or when the area is completely dry.

Dampen the area once more with the solution and scrub with a damp cloth or sponge.

Rinse the area well with clean water to remove any residual debris.

Place a fan nearby and keep the cabinet door open to allow the area to dry completely.

Tips & Warnings

  • While everything is out of the cabinet, it is a good time to check for anything leaking that may be causing the damp environment for the mold to live. Once the problem is fixed, the mold shouldn't return.
  • Wear gloves, protective glasses and mask when dealing with mold.


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