How to Clean White Leather

When the distinctive white leather of your shoes, purse or jacket picks up a scuff or stain, you need to be extra careful about cleaning or removing it -- you don't want to make it worse. Concentrate your cleaning efforts on the spot so it doesn't grow or spread. Conditioning the leather garment or accessory when it's new helps keep it clean as well, and makes it easier to remove dirt.


Rub down your white leather garment, purse or shoes with leather conditioner when it's new, and periodically thereafter -- especially with frequent wear. You can buy leather conditioner or make your own with 1 part white vinegar, 2 parts linseed oil. But consult the care label before using any conditioner.

Everyday Cleaning

Dust and dirt show up right away on white leather -- because it's white -- but you can easily clean this ordinary soil away. Just wipe your white leather clothes and accessories periodically with a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of everyday smudges. Wet the cloth to remove stubborn dirt. Apply a gentle soap and rinse if need be, but don't soak the leather.

Tough Marks and Stains

If the white leather picks up a stain -- especially from ink, dark colored substances or grease -- you need to apply a bit more effort.

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