How to Use Garden Flags to Decorate

Garden flags can provide colorful additions to your outdoor decorations. Some people avoid adding decorative flags because of the challenges of attaching a flag pole to the house, or the limitations of where you can place one on the home. Using a garden flag stand eliminates those problems.

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Once a decision has been made to add a garden flag to your outdoor decorations, a location will need to be determined. When considering the decision of placement, remember that most decorative flags are one sided, so the pattern will only show in one direction. Since flags tend to blow in the breeze that should be another consideration when choosing a location for the flag stand. The flag will last longer, if free to blow in the wind.

Garden flag stands come in a variety of styles. Some come preassembled and some require assembly. Most are fairly easy to install as they come with pointed ends that push into the grounds. At worst they generally require some movement of soil to accommodate the installation of the flag holder. Most will stand independently without any further assistance if placed firmly in the ground, with dirt packed around them.

A simple rubber washer can provide weather resistance for your flag. Wind and storms can be a time garden flags get lost. A simple addition of a rubber washer can provide some additional wind protection. The picture below illustrates how the washer sits next to the flag and blocks it from sliding off the holder. Click on the picture to get a better view.

One of the advantages of purchasing garden flags is changing the outdoor decorations can be done easily, frequently, and inexpensively to reflect the interests of the owner. Flags are available to celebrate Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and all other major holidays. One can also show the changing of the seasons, express personal interests, hobbies, support sport teams, and even have the option of making or having flags made to personalize the decorative aspects.

Garden flags can be purchased at a variety of venues. Many craft stores have weekly coupons that can offset the cost of the purchase. Some do discount after holidays to clear out the supply. If you are looking for bargains, do shop around. One of the advantages of on-line shopping is better selection. I have found local stores have limited options. If there is a specific flag you are trying to locate, an on-line search may be your best choice.

When searching on-line it can be helpful to narrow your search by searching by a specific flag artist or manufacturer. When researching this article, a general search for garden flags was not fruitful. However, when I searched for Toland Flags, Breeze Art Flags, and Silk Reflection Flags, I did find better options for comparison shopping.

Do keep in mind that there are two sizes of decorative flags. The price is generally the give away, but you will want to see if the mini-flag version is offered in the style you want to purchase. This is generally more of a problem on-line than in the store as the difference is generally much clearer in person.

Tips & Warnings

  • A flag holder is an alternative to mounting a flag pole on your house and it gives you more freedom as to where it can be displayed.
  • Flags generally are one sided so consider that when deciding where to put your flag stand.
  • Use a rubber washer to keep your flags from blowing away.
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