How to kill Bedbugs in your home

How to kill Bedbugs in your home can be quite hard.
How to kill Bedbugs in your home can be quite hard. (Image:

How to kill Bedbugs in your home can be diffilcult. Dont let the bed bugs bite has taken on a whole new meaning to you. Now it is time to kill bedbugs.

Things You'll Need

  • Inspection tools
  • Washing machine
  • Night clothes
  • Caulk
  • Insecticide
  • Dryer

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Bedbugs are becoming more and more prevalent in today's world. This is due to the fact that less insecticides (such as DDT) are used in America today than they were years ago. Don't get me wrong DDT was some bad stuff, but it also basically eliminated Bedbugs from the good ole US of A. But not other parts of the world, where they came from to again reinfest America. The first step in eliminating and destroyying bedbugs is to inspect your luggage if you have traveled recently. Bedbugs are efficient hitch hikers and will travel with you from sites of infestation.

Now you've inspected the luggage and hopefully killed off your hobo Bedbugs. Now inspect your house to see if you were the source of the infestation. Bedbugs in a small to medium sized infestation will infest the places you sleep. This is the bed area mostly. They are flattened and can hide in most any nook or cranny. Inspect carefully. Look for red stains (crushed bugs), brown smudges (feces of the Bedbugs) or actually skins, eggs or Bedbugs. Once found kill as many as you can.

You've found them, now on to getting rid of the hold outs. Quarantine the area and ALL objects in it. This is a long and arduous process. Go online and search for a Bedbug specific insecticide, it will help. This is no time to be squimish, the links on this page are very useful for that search. Spray all objects that can be sprayed with the Bedbug insecticide.

Now for other items such as clothing take and wash them in hot water to rid yourself of the Bedbugs, water above 120 degrees F. This can also be accomplished by using a dryer set on medium for 10-20 mins. Also the dryer technique can be accomplished another way, take a bag and insert clothing into it. Have a thermometer on hand and on a sunny day leave the bag outside to heat naturally.

If you have a serious infestation you've pretty much lost the battle. To win the war you have to call for reinforcements, i.e. Bedbug exterminators (Orkin man to the rescue). Also it may require you throwing away some household items that are heavily infested.

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