How to Kill Bugs With Soap Solution

Kill Bugs With Soap Solution
Kill Bugs With Soap Solution (Image: around the bend)

It can be expensive and harmful to the enviroment to use bug killing chemicals from the store. This recipe contains a recipe to kill bugs with a enviromentally friendly recipe. This recipe is especially good at killing spiders and mites.

Things You'll Need

  • 5 tablespoons of soap flakes
  • 4.5 liters of water

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If you do not have soap flakes in your house then you need to go to the store and buy some. They can be the store brand. They will work just as well as the expensive brands.

Get out a pitcher that will hold 4.5 liters of water. If you do not have one that big then 2 smaller ones will work.

Make the water very hot and then pour in the soap flakes. Now stir the soap in the water, making sure that the soap is dissolved. Go outside and pour around your house and plants. Try to not get on the plants as the soap can kill them. Repeat every 3-5 days for at least 2 weeks. Repeat as necessary.

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