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Acrylic Tub Surround
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One of the modern inventions that has revolutionized the bathroom remodeling industry is the acrylic tub surround. It can be installed within an day and can be used almost immediately compared to the week or more of time it takes to tile a bathroom tub surround. It is acrylic so it cannot be scrubbed the way tile and enamel can. It's mirror like finish will soon dull unless you know how to clean the acrylic surround properly.

Things You'll Need

  • Acrylic cleaner
  • Soft microfiber rag
  • Terry cloth towel

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Keep in mind that the acrylic tub surround will need to be cleaned more often than a traditional tiled tub surround. You will need to keep your cleaning supplies handy so that every few days, you can do a quick clean. Thankfully there are many products specifically formulated for cleaning acrylic so you will not have to do much work. (See Resources.)

Wet down the acrylic tub surround with warm water to remove any loose dirt. Spray on the cleaner of your choice and give it 4 to 5 seconds to dissolve any build up. Clean the surface with a soft damp microfiber rag, working in circles, from top to bottom until the whole surround has been wiped down.

Rinse the cleaner off with a spray of warm water working from the top going side to side, down the wall. This will remove any harmful soaps that might splash off during the next shower or bath.

Wipe down your acrylic tub surround with a dry terry cloth towel if you have problems with hard water and polish with a window cleaner that does not contain acetone. The acrylic surface should be smooth and shiny making it harder for dirt and deposits to stick later.

Repeat the cleaning process if you still see a dull build up of soap residue and water minerals. For very stubborn spots, try spraying on a solution of 1 oz. of gel dishwasher detergent in 8 oz. of very hot water. Rub it with a microfiber cloth until the surface is smooth and clean. Rinse and dry.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use bar soap as it will leave a residue on your shower Try waxing your acrylic surround with automotive or marine wax for a more water-resistant surface
  • Never use abrasives on acrylic tub surrounds. Always wear gloves when working with cleaners.
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