How to Organize Clothes

Looking through your closet for your favorite pair of jeans shouldn't mean you have to spend an hour digging through a disorganized mess of clothes, shoes and accessories. Organizing your clothes is a surprisingly easy—and satisfying—task. And once you've done it, a well organized closet and dresser are incredibly easy to maintain. Here is how you can organize your clothes to simplify your life.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic Coat Hangers
  • Plastic Garbage Bags
  • Shoe Racks
  • Hanging Sweater Storage

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Examine every article of clothing, pair of shoes and accessory in your dresser and closet. This is quite possibly the most difficult part of your project, as you need to be willing to part with clothing that you no longer wear. If you haven't worn an item in over a year, place it in a plastic garbage bag earmarked for donation. Clothing that is out of style or doesn't fit should also be donated. If the item is no longer wearable because of rips or stains, throw it away.

Decide on an organization system for your closet. You can organize your clothing by type then color, For example, you could place all shirts together, grouped by color. You could also choose to organize your clothing by purpose with work clothing and casual wear separated on different racks. The organization system you choose should reflect your personality and the way you use your clothing.

Hang all clothing on plastic coat hangers. Metal coat hangers can ruin your clothes so avoid using them. If you have any, return them to the dry cleaners or dispose of them.

Place all sweaters in hanging sweater storage bins. It's important that you fold and store your sweaters in bins since hanging them on coat hangers will stretch out the shoulders and could ruin delicate knits.

Place all shoes in shoe racks, with the pairs you wear most often located in easy-to-reach areas.

Fold and store socks, underwear, workout clothing and pajamas in your dresser.

Tips & Warnings

  • Put things away when you first walk in the door so you don't forget. Shoes should go in their place, and laundry should go in its place.
  • When you finish a load of laundry, don't procrastinate. Put your newly washed clothes on hangers and in your closet right away.
  • Don't forget to keep up with your organizational system. Once you have things organized, it's easy to keep it that way. It just requires a minimal effort each day.
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