How to Remove Mildew From Bathtub Jets

How to Remove Mildew From Bathtub Jets. Bathtubs with jets combine the relaxation of a jacuzzi with the convenience of a bathtub all indoors. Over time mildew can form in the jets, and it can be difficult to clean. This mildew can irritate your skin and spread quickly. Learn how to remove mildew from your bathtub jets.

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Fill the bathtub with 1 cup of bleach and water. Ventilate the bathroom while you do this. Open a window or turn on a fan.

Turn on the jets and allow them to run for 30 minutes or longer. The bleach will circulate through the jets while disinfecting them. This process kills live mold spores to prevent them from spreading.

Stop the jets and drain the water. Sprinkle a disinfectant scrub on an old toothbrush or a thin, long handled brush and scrub inside the jets. Scrub the area outside the jets since mildew may form in the crevices.

Rinse the bathtub by filling it to the brim with clean, hot water. Turn on the jets for 20 minutes to circulate the clean water through them and rinse thoroughly. Drain the bathtub after the water is cool enough to remove the plug.

Spray a disinfectant spray in and around the jets and allow it to dry. This will kill any remaining mold and mildew spores. Spray after every bath to prevent mildew from forming.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always wear gloves when cleaning with bleach. It can burn the skin and cause a rash.
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