How to Keep Static Out of Coats

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There are many ways to keep static out of coats using household items.

Static cling is an inconvenience everyone has to deal with at some time. Static electricity builds up in hair, clothing and even shoes with rubber soles. Coming into contact with metal surfaces as you go about your day results in an unpleasant shock for you and anyone you touch. The material many coats are made from conduct static electricity, which is exacerbated during dry, winter months. Preparation before you leave home and a few simple techniques on the go, can reduce and even eliminate static electricity from coats and other clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric softener sheets

  • Can of spray on starch

  • Small, metal object

  • Skin moisturizer

Step 1

Place your coat in the dryer with one or two fabric softener sheets before leaving home. The heat and tumbling motion from the dryer allows the sheet to absorb as much static electricity as possible. Minimize build-up in the dryer by separating natural and synthetic fabrics.

Step 2

Spray a light layer of starch on the coat before leaving home. The starch will stiffen the fabric slightly, reducing static cling, and it washes out easily when necessary.

Step 3

Take a few softening sheets with you when you leave home. You can rub them on your coat throughout the day to reduce or remove any build up that occurs. Remember to rub down the inside of the coat especially, as the constant, sliding friction between fabrics can cause static build-up.

Step 4

Touch a small, metal object, like a key or a ring, to another metal surface to discharge static electricity. The metal will absorb the shock that you would otherwise feel by using your hand. This is not as effective as other methods but is good to remove excess build-up from your clothing.

Step 5

Dampen your hands with water and rub them over the coat as you would the fabric softening sheet. Static electricity builds up primarily with dry air and the dampness will counteract it.

Step 6

Rub a small dab of skin moisturizer on the inside of your coat to prevent static build up. You can also rub the lotion on your body before dressing to keep any static electricity from clinging to your body. This will minimize the electricity that can build up on your coat.


Use leather-soled shoes when you walk. Rubber soles generate static electricity with movement and can be especially conductive when you walk across carpets. If you have any furniture made with synthetic fabric, like an office chair, rub a fabric softening sheet on it before sitting to discharge the static. Synthetic fibers are more prone to static build-up than natural fibers.


Read clothing care labels before placing your coat in the dryer to ensure it is safe to do so.