Definition of Marine Construction

The structural integrity of piers and other structures that line the coasts of our oceans, rivers, lakes and bays is important to protect boats and other vessels, as well as human lives. Marine construction is the field of industry responsible for ensuring that these types of structures are built to last for generations to come.

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Marine construction companies design, build and repair marine outbuildings and structures.


Marine construction involves building and repairing piers, docks, boat lifts, harbors and marinas.


Prior to beginning a project, it is necessary to obtain a local or state marine construction permit. Once the project is approved, marine construction requires strict adherence to federal, state and local guidelines.


Primary residents and vacation homes along waterfronts are often in need of marine construction to build facilities to house boats. Marine construction can also deal with commercial work for companies and businesses, civic work for cities or towns, and military work.


People who own marine construction companies are called marine contractors. Laborers who work in the field of marine construction are sometimes members of labor unions like the Marine Workers and Construction Boilermakers Industrial Union.


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