What Will Dissolve Carpet Glue?

What Will Dissolve Carpet Glue?
What Will Dissolve Carpet Glue? (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Many people do not realize that most carpet is glued to a backing. Common carpets such as Berber and olefin are glued to a synthetic backing. The most prevalent type of glue is latex based. This creates a situation where cleaning can become difficult as certain cleaning methods dissolve the glue. If a carpet cleaning service requires no foot traffic on the carpet after cleaning, the cleaning method dissolves the glue.

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Steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods dissolve carpet glue. Latex is water soluble. When it comes in contact with water, the glue dissolves.


Carpet glue is not heat resistant. Heat will dissolve carpet glue.


The chemicals in some foam cleaners, such as ChemDry, will dissolve carpet glue.

Preventing Damage

After a professional carpet cleaning or cleaning with a product like Rug Doctor, avoid walking on the carpet for 24 hours or until it is completely dry.

What Happens When Glue Dissolves

When carpet glue dissolves the backing and the carpet can become separated. The carpet can shift off of the backing, causing wrinkles and buckles in the carpet.

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