What Might a Man Put On if He Dressed as a Woman for Halloween?

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When you look around at a Halloween party, some of the most beautiful women there may actually be guys dressed up as women. A man dressed up as a woman for Halloween can also look pretty hilarious (as can women in funny costumes), especially if he goes over the top with a funny-looking outfit, crazy makeup and messy wig. There really is no limit as to what you can do with this idea as long as you carefully consider your costume and its intent and don't offend anyone. Have the right attitude and be respectful, and you can put smiles on plenty of faces.


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Men Dressed as Women for Halloween

To make this transformation for a Halloween costume, you must start with the right kind of foundation. You may have good luck imitating a feminine silhouette if you pull in your waist, smooth out bumps and choose shaping briefs and legwear.


If you plan on wearing a dress, you could wear stockings. For the most authentic look, you might even want to shave your legs as well. A pair of feminine slacks might be a better choice for you. Flared jeans or slacks can create curves, and a tie or belt can help cinch in the waist.

If a man is dressed as a woman for Halloween, though, he may wish to wear a dress. Shoes for this sort of outfit can be tricky since men often have larger feet than any female relatives or friends from whom they might be borrowing the outfit. If you can find a pair of comfortable heels in your size, go for it, but make sure to practice walking in them first. Otherwise, get a pair of flat, feminine shoes that match the outfit. If you find a pair of sandals to wear, you can paint your toenails and your fingernails too.


Hair for Men Dressed as Women

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Sometimes, a man dressed up as a woman has hair that is long enough to be considered a feminine style. Be sure your hair doesn't look overly flat, though, so it seems natural.


Use some hair products to give your hairdo some bounce and body if possible. Otherwise, you can spring for a decent-looking wig that looks natural on you and works well with your costume. For extra fun, add some jewelry but don't overdo it. Unless you are trying to look funny, choose delicate pieces rather than heavy, chunky pieces. A flowered scarf can add a nice touch, and you can bring along a purse too.


Is the Costume Offensive?

When dressing as a woman for Halloween, there are some do's and don'ts because you do not want to offend anyone. Simply dressing up as a woman can be offensive, and it is actually not all that creative as far as costumes go. Some people feel that these kinds of costumes imply that there is something funny about simply being a woman, which is of course untrue.


As a result, a man simply dressing as a woman is less in vogue than it was in the past. If you are unsure whether your costume is appropriate, speak to friends of all genders and ask their opinion. If anyone seems uncomfortable with your choice, perhaps you should reconsider.

Dressing up as a well-known woman or female character, like Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Cher or Wonder Woman, is usually not offensive, and if it is done right, it can be an amazing costume for a man dressed up as a woman (or for any person).


Buying Female Costume Pieces

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Basic foundation garments will make any outfits for women of note look more authentic. You can go to a women's clothing store and shop for women's suits, undergarments, gowns and other items.


Take your purchases home and try them on at your leisure in front of a full-length mirror. Costume stores also have plenty of things you can try, and you always have the option of ordering things online. Just make sure you have enough time in case you need to make exchanges or returns. For the best costume, go online and research how your chosen woman dresses and copy her down to the last manicured fingernail.