A Brilliant TikTok Hack: Pumpkin HalloWINE

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Today's word of the day is "Hallowine." Not only is it a fun play on words that combines two of our favorite things—Halloween and wine—but it's also a genius TikTok trend. If you're unfamiliar, folks on TikTok are creating DIY wine kegs out of pumpkins and bagged wine. Talk about a genius, Frankensteinesque hack!


This hack is as easy as pumpkin pie—just carve a hole, insert the wine bag and pour!

Want to try this at your next Halloween party? Well, TikTok creator @emerald_outlaw teaches us exactly what to do. First, open your pumpkin and take out the guts just like you would if you were carving any old jack-o'-lantern. Then, cut a hole toward the bottom of the pumpkin for the spigot of the wine bag.




For a no-fail carving experience, measure the size of the spigot before carving the hole. Better yet, trace the shape of the spout onto the pumpkin itself and use that as a guide for carving!

Once you cut the hole, have some fun decorating the vessel. @emerald_outlaw used a Sharpie to draw the words "Happy Hallowine" onto the pumpkin. While you probably don't want to carve anything else into your pumpkin because the wine bag would show through, there are tons of no-carve decoration ideas from which to choose, like melting crayons or creating a pumpkin mosaic.


Once you're finished decorating, add your wine bag and secure the spigot. Display it and watch your party guests delight in your festive invention! You could even make multiple pumpkin kegs: one for red wine, one for white wine and one for nonalcoholic sparkling cider. Whatever you choose to fill your pumpkin kegs, we wish you a happy HalloWINE!


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