How to Make Stripper Costumes

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Sometimes strippers may wear role-playing costumes, such as police officer or fireman uniforms.

A good stripper costume will accentuate the good aspects of your body. Your clothes should be revealing, in order to tantalize those who see you, but you don't need to show anything that you don't feel comfortable showing. Decide what parts of your body you want to show off, and pick out your stripper costume accordingly.


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Step 1

A sports coat is also a good accessory for male strippers.

Pick a top that shows off your muscles, curves and figure. Men should wear a form-fitting shirt, such as a tight dress shirt. Women should wear a bikini top or a lingerie, with a loose shirt wrapped around. Because the point of stripping is taking clothes off, both sexes should layer their clothes with accessories, such as a tie, bandana or scarf. This will allow the process of removing clothes to take longer.


Step 2

Lingerie bottoms are another alternative for women, although some lingerie may be too revealing.

Find tight-fitting pants that are easy to take off. Your pants should show off your curves, but you don't want them to be hard to take off while you are dancing. Men should wear dress pants, and women should wear a skirt, loose-fitting dress or a bikini bottom.


Step 3

Wear shoes that add height to your appearance. Men should wear shoes with larger soles, as to make them seem taller and more appealing to the opposite sex. Women should wear high heels. Platform shoes might be better than stilettos, because stilettos will make it difficult to dance.

Step 4

Accessorize with things that accentuate your face and body. Men and women may want to wear fake eyelashes, bow ties, hats, hair accessories, necklaces or a sexy belt.

Step 5

Allow your personal style to shine through. If you have any piercings or tattoos, then you should allow these to be seen on stage, as long as you feel comfortable doing so. These can add a certain mystery and personality to your stripper routine.


Glitter, glow-in-the-dark paint or hair coloring make you seem exotic and funky.


Make sure that your bottom layer of clothes fits tightly and does not move around. Otherwise, you'll end up showing something that you didn't mean to show.