How to Dress Up As a Drag Queen for Halloween

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Things You'll Need

  • Sequined dress

  • High heels

  • Stockings

  • Make up

  • Wig

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Being a drag queen for Halloween is a popular choice for men, but women can get in on the action as well. Dressing as a drag queen is about more than simply dressing as a woman--it's about over-the-top femininity. To have a truly great Halloween costume, you must pay attention the the details--after all, real drag queens pay attention to the details every time they dress up.


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Step 1

Select the right clothes. If you're going to be a drag queen for Halloween, the best clothing choice is a sequined evening gown--something that's low cut with a slit up the leg. However, you can also look for other tight clothes and a mini-skirt.

Step 2

Don a wig. Secure your hair by putting on a stocking cap. Wigs that have a beehive or a bouffant style are particularly appropriate for drag queen style. You can also consider purchasing a wig in a non-traditional color, such as pink or blue.


Step 3

Apply your makeup. Go over-the-top with bright colors, glitter or sequins. Start by using pancake makeup to create a blank canvas. Cover your eyebrows so that you can draw them on with makeup. Purchase your makeup from a drag queen store rather than using the types of makeup at a discount or drug store, which is for every day use.


Step 4

Wear stockings. Dark stockings will help cover up your hairy legs, if you have them. You can also try a fish net style, which looks great with the drag queen look.

Step 5

Strap on your high heels. Use platform high heels to complete the look.


Practice wearing your high heels before you go out for the night.

Purchase your clothing and accessories from a store that specializes in drag items. These clothes and shoes will be larger, to accommodate male bodies.