How to Make a Pimp Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Pimp suit

  • Shoes

  • Cane

  • Hat

  • Accessories

Make a Pimp Costume

Looking for a costume that will turn heads on Halloween? Why not go as a pimp? This makes a great costume for men and women alike. It can be as fun and cheesy as you want. Best of all, you won't need a lot of money to put this look together.


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Step 1

Buy a tacky suit from a Halloween or party store. You can tell what is considered a pimp suit because they'll include a suit and pants featured in a variety of unusual patterns. Many have leopard print, or bright neon colors such as purple fur. If your costume doesn't have a hat included, buy a hat from the shop's accessory rack. You'll have more luck finding the matching hat if you buy it from the same store as your costume.

Step 2

Raid the dollar store or accessory section of the Halloween store for a large plastic cane and a huge bling necklace. This is typically a silver or gold plastic chain with a giant dollar sign on it. If you have extra money, go all out and buy the canes with large diamonds on the top (fake of course) and a set of grills for your teeth.


Step 3

Buy a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. Aside from the suit and cane, a hat and sunglasses really make the outfit work. If you are looking for something cheap, a large neon-colored pair will be inexpensive and fun to wear. For a few dollars more you can get glasses shaped like dollar signs or wine glasses.

Step 4

Buy a pair of outrageous boots, if they didn't come with your costume, to finish off the look. Usually leopard print shoes that are like a man's version of high-heel clogs are popular. If you don't want to buy shoes, just wear black tennis shoes and no one will know the difference.


Step 5

Put it all together. Make sure to leave the suit open and add some fake chest hair if you really want to get a laugh out of people. Wear the necklaces hung low on your neck, and wave the cane when you talk. Make sure your walk is confident, and tip your hat at people with a grin.