How to Make a Flasher Costume

So the pervert in you wants to be a flasher for Halloween. With just a few simple items, you can make a costume that people will be talking about for years to come. Follow these steps to make a flasher costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Trench coat

  • Hat

  • Tennis shoes for men

  • High heels for women

  • Shorts

  • T-shirt or tank top

  • Clear thread or fishing wire

  • Pantyhose

  • Newspaper

  • Tape

  • Buttons

  • Needle (sewing type)

  • Pencil or marker

Step 1

Gather all of the items needed to make the flasher part of the costume, which are the trenchcoat, buttons, clear thread, needle, socks, tape and pantyhose.

Step 2

Use one section of the newspaper (no more than 8 to 10 pages) and keep it folded together. Start from the side and roll it tightly into a cylinder shape (see picture). Use the tape to insure that the newspaper stays rolled.

Step 3

Cut one end of the pantyhose. You will just be using one leg for this project. Slide the cylinder shaped newspaper into the leg of the pantyhose. It should still look smooth like the photo below.

Step 4

Take the trench coat and put it on. Now with the coat closed, you will wanted to designate the area on each leg that is where your leg ends and torso begins. It does not have to be exact. Using a pencil or marker, mark these two spots.

Step 5

Sew the buttons on each X that you marked in the coat. Make sure that you make an X pattern over the buttons to ensure that they will be extra strong.

Step 6

Cut a 2 or 3 length of the fishing wire. Starting at the middle of wire, wrap the fishing wire tightly around the top 2 inches of newspaper/pantyhose roll. It should be tight enough so that it makes a short of head or ball shape. This is the head of your flasher penis.

Step 7

Change into the T-shirt or tank top and shorts. Put on the trench coat. Now take the fake penis and sit down. Open the coat and wrap the fishing wire around each button many times. You may want to tie a knot so that it will hold better. The fake penis should be parallel with the ground when the trench coat is open. When the coat closes, the fake penis will point towards the ground. You are actually supporting the raising of the fake penis when you open the trench coat. Your hands should be in line with the buttons that you sewed and this will make the fishing wire taut. Close the coat to loosen the fishing wire.

Step 8

Put on your shoes and hat. You are ready to go. Happy flashing!


You can purchase the trench coat and hat at your local thrift store. Make certain to get a trench coat long enough to cover your knees. When you are home for the night, simply cut the fishing wire. You can get more fishing wire the next time that you wear the costume.


This costume is not for the faint of heart of those who get easily offended. Avoid family gatherings or anywhere that kids may be for Halloween. You may need to explain to people that you will not be flashing your real penis (if you are a guy). This will ensure that you don't get slapped.