How to Make a California Raisin Costume With a Trash Bag

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Things You'll Need

  • Black tights or pants

  • Black long sleeved shirt

  • Large black trash bag

  • Scissors

  • Old newspaper

  • Stapler

  • White gloves or mittens

  • White sneakers

  • Neon colored sunglasses

  • Microphone or instrument

The California Raisins were created to advertise raisins in the 1980s.

The California Raisins were an 80s pop culture phenomenon created for the California Raisin Advisory Board to advertise raisins. Dressing like a California Raisin is ideal for an 80s theme party, but can even be fun for Halloween. You don't need any craft skill to make a California Raisin costume out of trash bag. In fact, with a few accessories you will be transformed in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

Wear dark colored clothing such as black tights or slim fitting pants and a black turtleneck or long sleeved shirt.

Step 2

Lay your trash bag out flat in front of you. Cut a hole large enough to fit your face about two inches below the bottom seam with scissors. Cut two holes--one in each side of the trash bag for your arms to stick out.

Step 3

Put the trash bag on over your head. Stick your face in the head hole and your arms out of the arm holes. To give your raisin costume a more plump look, crumple up newspaper and stuff it in the trash bag.


Step 4

Seal the trash bag closed at the bottom so that the newspaper doesn't fall out. Staple the bottom edge around your legs. Leave enough room around the leg holes so that you can move freely.

Step 5

Accessorize your costume with white gloves, white sneakers and neon colored sunglasses. Hold a microphone or another musical instrument such as a tambourine or an inflatable guitar.