How to Cook Pancakes With Eggs in the Middle

Pancakes and eggs are a classic breakfast combination. In an innovative twist, you can even put the two together to make an egg-in-a-pancake nest. Use a few different techniques to create the dish, depending on how you want the final result to look.

Things You'll Need

  • Griddle or wide, flat pan with a cover
  • Spatula
  • Drinking glass or circular cookie cutter

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Prep Work

Warm a nonstick pan or griddle on the stove top over low heat. If you're using an electric griddle, heat it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don't have a thermometer, you'll know the pan is hot enough to cook the pancakes when droplets of water "dance" across its surface.

Grease the pan lightly with clarified butter or vegetable oil. The milk solids in regular butter can brown too quickly and burn the surface of your pancakes.


  • When you're cooking a large batch of pancakes, the pan can quickly become very hot. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and a bowl of cool ice water nearby to use if you burn yourself.

Main Techniques

A simple technique involves cooking one side of your pancake first, breaking an egg on top, flipping it and cooking both the egg and the other side of the pancake at the same time.

Thin pancake batter works best for this technique, because it will cook quickly and is less likely to leave any raw spots in the pancake or egg. If necessary, thin out thick pancake batter with a small amount of water or milk.

Another technique involves cutting a hole in a precooked pancake for your fried egg. Use a circle cookie cutter or a drinking glass to cut the hole, then break the egg in the hole and fry it on low heat.


  • Eggs that aren't fully cooked may transmit the bacteria salmonella enteritidis. To protect yourself, fully cook the egg until it produces a firm yolk. Use a pasteurized egg if you prefer eggs that are undercooked.

Flipping Technique

Flipping your egg-and-pancake concoction can be tricky. Before you flip the pancake, loosen its edges with a large, flat spatula. Try to flip both the pancake and egg in one smooth motion.

To lower the risk of a broken egg yolk, cover the pan before you flip the pancake and egg. The steam from the covered pan will partially cook the top of the egg and firm it up slightly.


  • Fry your eggs on low heat for even, thorough cooking and to prevent burning pancake batter on the griddle.


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